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Independent Injury Assessments Create a Smooth Transition Back to Work

Independent Injury Assessments
Independent injury assessments may be carried out by an employer or an insurance company in situations where an injured employee is unable to do his or her job, and liability is involved. These assessments, also known as IMEs (for "Independent Medical Evaluations” or "Independent Medical Examinations”) should be conducted by a company specializing in this area, since the reports required need to meet exacting standards. Not only must the language be precise, practical, and medically correct, but the document must be legally defensible. Since legal requirements vary from province to province, it's best to find a company that operates on a national basis. The medical assessment company you choose must also hire licensed professionals, and should offer assessments in a wide variety of areas.
How It Works
The best medical assessment companies work to get your employees back to work in a timely and safe fashion. This may mean identifying underlying issues that need to be addressed, suggesting alternate therapies, assessing workplace hazards and making changes, or recommending alternate duties. Better companies work quickly and objectively, respecting all parties and trying to find solutions that work for employees and their managers.
The types of assessment performed may include:
  • Independent psychology examinations
  • Independent neuro-psychology examinations
  • Independent psycho-vocational evaluations
  • Independent neuro-psycho vocational evaluations
  • Independent vocation evaluations
  • Independent physiotherapy evaluations
  • Independent rheumatology examinations
  • Independent oral and maxillofacial examinations
  • Independent social work evaluations
  • Independent in-home evaluations
  • Independent job site analysis or physical demands analysis
  • Independent functional abilities evaluations
  • Transferable skills analyses
Any evaluations and the resulting reports must be based on statutes and regulations and conform to established standards and procedures. Be sure to partner with a medical assessment company that promises services that are high in quality, cost effective, and time-targeted.
If your firm is located outside of a major urban centre, you may be worried that these services are not available to you. However, there are a few nationally-known medical assessment companies that provide services throughout Canada, including isolated locations.
Prevention, Education, and Other Services
Some medical assessment organizations offer other services to employers and their workers that can help improve workplace morale and conditions. These can include:
  • Employee Assistance Plans. EAPs, as they are known, provide immediate access to counselors for employees that may be struggling with issues such as marital discord, drug and alcohol dependence, gambling problems, or grief. All counseling is confidential.
  • Surveys. Surveys can be a useful tool to find out more about why you are experiencing absenteeism, or to measure employee satisfaction. The information gathered can help you create a healthier workplace.
  • Education Programs. Custom education programs for your employees help to prevent accidents, and programs such as flu clinics have been shown to reduce flu-related absenteeism.
  • Screening. Screening employees for conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can prevent them from suffering from debilitating heart attacks or strokes. Screening for drug and alcohol dependency can help identify workers who may require counseling.
Contact a medical assessment company today, and find out how a partnership can improve the health of your workplace!
Ask questions, share knowledge and experience to earn Z points.
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